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Notesfrom the color connoisseur

Nov 15 2016

Stationery vs. Stationary

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If there's one pet peeve most stationery industry people have, it's the mis-spelling of stationery. If you are in the stationery business and find yourself constantly trying to remember how to spell it correctly, I have a tip you can use. Stationery with an "e" is for paper—both stationery and paper have an "er". Stationary with an "a" is the parked kind—both parked and this stationary have an "ar".


It's simple and can save you a ton of embarrassment. I know a very particular paper loving blogger who actually states in her submission guidelines that any entries submitted with stationery mis-spelled will be automatically disqualified. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd rather make sure I get a great write up and feel confident, rather than put together an amazing submission only to have it deleted on the spot. So for the love of paper, please make sure you know the difference between stationery and stationary. 

Nov 14 2016

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

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Now that you know a little about the focus of Fig. 2’s The Color Connoisseur, I thought it might be nice to share with you a little more about me. I’m a graphic designer by trade living in the Washington, D.C. area and love all disciplines of design. I often say that if I could do what I do for free, I would, but I have a few guilty pleasures that require some income. Here's a little snippet of the things I enjoy, but I should warn you that as a designer and a Gemini, I change my mind often, so check in once in awhile to see what fancies me on any given day. 


This is the one and only 100% copied post from the original blog. The reason is because none of it has changed. Some of the links to the original items are no longer in existence, so I've found similar ones.   





01 Cool bands + their posters // Clap Your Hands Say Yeah by The Small Stakes / Jason Munn  »  02 Shoes {heels or flats, I love ‘em all} // Charm by Kate Spade  »  03 Attractive office supplies // Anything Tape Dispenser  »  04 Geometric patterns, need I say more // Sunglass print by Trina Turk  »  05 Letterpress on scrumptious paper // Invited Ink  »  06 Macaroons, especially those well photographed // Helen Dujardin of Tartelette  »  07 If I wasn’t a graphic designer, I’d be an architect // Joeb Moore + Partners Architects  »  08 Hello, my name is Claudia... and I’m a type-aholic // Archer by Hoefler Frere-Jones  »  09 I drool for mid century furniture // Eames Molded Plastic Chairs  »  10 My dream ride // a cherry red Vespa  

Nov 13 2016

Welcome to Notes from The Color Connoisseur!

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* this post has been edited since the original post date *


Welcome to the NEW Fig. 2 blog, Notes from The Color Connoisseur! 


I’m excited to be blogging again and I’m thrilled with the re-designed blog. As I explained to some colleagues recently, we redesigned this over a year ago so it was time to make our virtual plastic surgery debut. Enough already! 


For those of you who are new to my blog, I essentially started my original blog, The Color Connoisseur, as a way to be accountable for making progress leading up to my first National Stationery Show. I started with a list of what I was planning to work on each month. Each month I would post what I had accomplished, and in between those NSS countdowns, were posts about random things: colors I liked, trips I took, collaboration projects, photo shoots, press I received, interviews, etc. It was sort of all over the place and after that first year, I felt like my blog didn’t have the same purpose it originally had. I continued to blog sparingly and it seemed more of a task rather than posts I enjoyed sharing. So now I’ve decided to start my blog over from scratch. I realize that seems silly after having had my blog link up for the past seven years, but I let’s be honest: I hadn’t posted anything new in THREE YEARS! It's time for a fresh start for several reasons (more on that in the coming weeks), but now I'm excited for what's to come.


When I posted this earlier in the week, I mentioned I would re-write some of the popular original "Countdown to NSS" progress posts. Well, I went to an amazing workshop yesterday hosted by my friend Juli of The Garter Girl and I pretty much figured out within the first ten minutes that I will actually not be writing about my progress and my 20/20 hindsight. Those of you who come to purchase Fig. 2 goodies, order custom invitations, or need branding help, don't want to read all about that! You want to know what's new in my business! And if you are one of those people who really want to know how to prep for the National Stationery Show, I can't recommend Tradeshow Bootcamp enough! Not only was I one of the first students, I was also a panelist for the last 5 years. Trust me, it's a great investment in your business! And if you're just dying to know what my prep was like, get creative on Google and you'll find the not so attractive blog from way back then!


For now, the categories side bar is currently empty, but I promise it won’t stay that way forever. It won’t grow over night, it will definitely be process as I get my feet wet again but I hope you'll stay tuned! 


Lastly, don’t forget to stalk us on other platforms! We love Instagram and I swear we are going to try to step up the Facebook game. Just click on any of the social media buttons in the side bar. 


I also have an entire game plan for our newsletter subscribers, so you definitely want to make sure you sign up for it if you haven't already! Trust me, you’ll be getting some really fun emails and offers!


I know blogging isn’t what it used to be when I first started, but I’m excited to give it another go! 


Thanks for stopping by!

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