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May 23 2014


  //   Founder + Creative Director   //  

She’s the type-sessed designer and proprietress of Fig. 2. She runs the business like it’s no one’s business preparing files for custom clients, meeting with brides, designing gift wrap for the stationery line, and sticking to her border-line neurotic timeline for the National Stationery Show. Claudia relies on solo grande soy lattes, a killer pair of shoes, dance-worthy playlists, and the occasional peek at Kate Spade sample sale emails to keep her creative juices flowing. She is Fig. 2 in a nutshell – bright and bold, fun and festive, and a gold digger at the core (cue Kanye, think foil-stamping on everything). You can forget about her wearing anything brown, but don’t forget the sparkles. She’s easily spotted at The Container Store dreaming of a future studio space sporting a embellished jacket and something neon, polka dotted...probably both. Though she buckles down during the week to deliver quality work to all her clients and customers, her weekends are full of discovering new restaurants and boutiques with her parents and road trips with her husband, Paul, to see her niece and nephew who she adores. She speaks three languages, thinks in song, and will always have a little something sweet after each meal. Oh, and you can bet she’ll call you out if you mistake stationery for stationary.


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boss lady

Meet Claudia Smith

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Founder + Creative Director


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