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Feb 12 2018

Stationery vs. Stationary

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My yearly PSA!

There's nothing that gets a stationer more annoyed than seeing stationery mis-spelled. It's such a pet peeve of the stationery community that Oh So Beautiful Paper states in their submission guidelines, "Any submission that incorrectly spells the word stationery will be automatically rejected." So if you're a stationery designer wanting to get some press, this spelling tip might just help you make sure your submission is read! 


Stationery, the paper kind, is with an "e". Tip: they both have an "er". E like envelope is also a great tip to help you remember. Stationary, the parked kind, is with an "a" Tip: they both have an "ar". 


So there you have it! Next time you comment on a fellow stationer's Instagram feed, make sure your comment on how much you love their stationery designs is spelled correctly! 


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