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Apr 19 2018

Small Business Branding Spotlight: 97 Films

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Today I am really excited to share the story of the Ninety Seven Films log project I recently completed. Katie, the owner and film maker from Ninety Seven Films, and I met a few years ago at a conference and I was instantly impressed by her work and professionalism. After the two day conference she previewed a snippet film for us and I remember thinking she needed branding to match how awesome she was. 


Ninety Seven Films logo by Fig. 2 Design


Fast forward to last fall when Katie approached me and asked me to help her with a new logo. After learning more about her, her competitors, and the type of work she enjoys the most and wants to do more of, I came up with the concept of merging her Greek heritage and her love of simple, clean design for inspiration. After studying the history of Greek and Phoenician alphabets, I decided the stylized "N" would be a great way to tell her story in a subtle but very eye-catching way. Her original logo was black and white which we kept for her new logo because Katie is simple and her work is classic. There's nothing trendy about her work, her films are beautiful and will move you to pieces. Take a project she helped my friends at Sweaters and Sustenance with, I teared up the first time she showed it to me because she captured the emotion and sentiment of that day so well. 


Once her logo was ready, she had a logo reveal party in her hometown in Michigan and had mugs, sweatshirts, tee-s, and even cookies made with her logo! Pretty cool to see your work on something edible! And in true Katie fashion, she sent me my own sweatshirt and mug so I'm feeling quite honored and very cool. 



Looking to upgrade your branding? Finally at a place where you understand your business and your customer and want your logo to attract more of those clients? Working with small businesses is one of the things we do best and love the most! We work closely with you to learn more about what you really need.... we're not here to give you lots of unnecessary fluff! See more samples of our custom work here and shoot us a message so we can get to know each other! Just like Katie tells a story with her films, we tell your story through your branding. 


Images courtesy of Leigh Wells Photography.

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