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Feb 28 2018

What to write in a Thank You note

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Modern and minimal black and white thank you note sets by Fig. 2 Design

The struggle is real, right? Sending your thank you notes on time is the best way to show gratitude. Today I'm going to cover a few tips on how to write the perfect thank you note. But before we dive into that, don't forget that you want to make sure you have what you need! Stamps (my current favorite are these here), pens (my dad has always carried Lamy pens and now I love them too), and stationery are the tools to get you started! 


The first thing you want to do (after greeting the person) is express your gratitude. "Thank you so much for...". The important part here is to start with "thank you" right off the bat. Then, include a specific detail or two about the gift and how you plan to use it (or spend it if it is cash). Then be sure to mention the next time you might see them. 


"Dear Aunt Isabel,


Thank you so much for the colorful placemats you gave me at my bridal shower. They will look smashing on our white dining table and we will think of you every time we use them.


It was so lovely to see you and I truly appreciate you making the trip to join us at such a special event. I look forward to seeing you at the wedding next month!





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