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Feb 22 2018

When to Send Wedding Invitations and Save the Date

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When to send your wedding invitations and save the date


Wedding planning is one big timeline. From the time you decide on a date, you'll want to work backwards to figure everything out, but it doesn't have to be intimidating. We are big believers of planning ahead at Fig. 2 and like to be organized which makes things easier for our couples, for us, and for our vendors. As a wedding invitations designer, one of the top questions I'm asked is, "When should I send out my invitations?". Oddly enough I answer with two key questions back: "Will you be sending out Save the Date cards?" and "Are you planning a destination wedding, and/or will most of your guests be traveling to the wedding?"


Typically, wedding invitations are sent out 6-8 weeks in advance. However, if you are having a destination wedding, or if most of your guests will be traveling, I suggest sending your wedding invitations out 3 months in advance. Save the Date cards are a nice to have in most cases, but if you're planning a destination wedding, sending a Save the Date 6-8 months in advance is a considerate gesture that your guests will appreciate. Your Save the Date should give them a general location (city, state, or country) and the date of your wedding which in turn will help them mark their calendars and make all the travel arrangements necessary. 


To see some examples of our favorite Save the Date designs that won't pigeon hole you into a definitive look, be sure to check out these ideas. Clean, classic, and simple Save the Date's are effective in communicating the most important information to ensure your friends and family save YOUR date! 




While Fig. 2 became knows for festive, fun, colorful invitations, Fig. 2 has grown up a bit and as I like to say is ready to design for Fig. 2's older sister who is modern, fashion forward, polished, and sophisticated. As a wedding invitation designer in Washington, D.C., you can imagine how flattered I was when when Washingtonian Bride & Groom reached out and asked me to create something new for their editorial spread on invitations. I knew it would be the perfect chance to re-introduce Fig. 2. 


The idea was to create a tone-on-tone suite. Some brides are color shy yet others are color lovers but still want a sophisticated look. In this case, I took inspiration from last year's Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery. I imagine lots of banana leaves or succulents in place of traditional floral arrangements, velvety green tablecloths, rich jade colored bowls, and the menus and place cards mounted to pieces of moss.


So what is tone-on-tone? Just that: pick one color and layer different shades or tones of it. In this case, green on green on green with a side of green. Or gray, or blush, or yellow, or any color your heart desires. 


This tone on tone wedding invitation suite that I designed in shades blush pink would work just as well and would satisfy both a color lover and a minimalist at the same time. So pretty yet chic!



So there you have it: marry your love for minimal and modern designs with your love of color and you'll have a wedding invitation that will let your guests know they are in for a very chic party!


See more of our modern wedding invitations here and if you book in the month of February, you'll receive 10% off your custom order! Just contact us for details and we'll get you on the road to beautiful wedding stationery that will suit your style! 


Feb 12 2018

Stationery vs. Stationary

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My yearly PSA!

There's nothing that gets a stationer more annoyed than seeing stationery mis-spelled. It's such a pet peeve of the stationery community that Oh So Beautiful Paper states in their submission guidelines, "Any submission that incorrectly spells the word stationery will be automatically rejected." So if you're a stationery designer wanting to get some press, this spelling tip might just help you make sure your submission is read! 


Stationery, the paper kind, is with an "e". Tip: they both have an "er". E like envelope is also a great tip to help you remember. Stationary, the parked kind, is with an "a" Tip: they both have an "ar". 


So there you have it! Next time you comment on a fellow stationer's Instagram feed, make sure your comment on how much you love their stationery designs is spelled correctly! 

Jan 22 2018

Preppy and Nautical Custom Letterpress Stationery

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For those who believe in the tradition of the handwritten note but are looking for something clean and modern, social stationery is perfect. While our monogram sets have been wildly popular, some customers really wanted something truly custom that reflected their style and personality so we put together The Folio Collection: a line of simple, clean, and modern custom stationery. Each style can be customized with your name and a change of color and we have a variety of envelope colors and liners to choose from. 


When John Allen of Sweaters and Sustenance came to us looking for personal stationery he specifically mentioned wanting something with a nautical feel. John is one of the preppiest guys we know so this design with an anchor and his full name was the perfect fit. Printed in classic navy blue ink on delicious bright white cotton card stock, this design is simple, classic, and perfectly preppy just like John. 



Jan 22 2018

Welcome to Noted!

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Welcome back! I'm so excited to be blogging again!


You may feel like this post looks familiar... but it's somewhat new, again. After posting a few times after the relaunch of my blog last year, I accidentally deleted it from my site—oops! So now I really am back and happy to share lots of great things with you. 


A little about Fig. 2: after 7 years of having a wholesale line, I've decided to scale back and retire the wholesale side of the business. More on that in the months to come, but in a nutshell: wholesale is a ton of work and very expensive. And to be honest, I never really wanted to grow that side of the business, I just let it happen organically by getting caught up in it all. Bonus for you all is that we'll be hosting a lot of promotions and fun giveaways so be sure to follow along on Instagram!


My focus now is to work on custom projects (namely wedding invitations and small business branding) and freelance as a graphic designer which is what I truly enjoy doing the most. I hope you'll follow along as I post about fun projects I'm working on, advice for invitation and stationery etiquette, the ins and outs of wedding stationery, and some travel posts...because if there's anything I love it's traveling. 




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