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Sparkle Bling

Sparkle Bling

Style No. ENG-03

$ 2.00

"I'm sorry if I keep staring, but your finger is giving off some serious sparkle. #blindedbyyourbling"


Size doesn't really matter! Every bride wants to feel like her ring is the sparkliest so give her bling the attention it deserves while congratulating her on this special occasion! Tiny stars are screen printed on smooth bright white card stock, in bright neon firecracker red and shimmery gold with just an extra touch of shiny gold foil to go with that bling, this festive card will make any newly engaged girl happy you noticed her special new sparkle!

  • blank interior + metallic gold envelope
  • screen printed in neon firecracker red orange + gold
  • 4.25" x 5.5"

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